This week I am

Eating lots of steak. Vlado’s restaurant is celebrating 50 years, and there was a special dinner on Monday night. It’s an extraordinary thing, to have a restaurant running for 50 years, still in the same family. Vlado himself died two years ago – but perhaps not, because his legacy lasts in the restaurant and its name, and in the quality of the meat that is served. And in the menu, which has not changed. Start, as always, with grilled sausage, move on to a plate of grilled liver (not for me, I can’t bear the texture of it) and little hamburgers and slices of fillet steak, and then there’s a choice of steak – rump, porterhouse, or fillet. Large or small, take your pick. It all comes, as it always has, with pots of mustard and horseradish, and a big bowl of salad that includes shredded cabbage (delicious), lettuce, and tomato. Dessert is strawberry pancakes. There’s coffee, too. Nina Gregurek said the thing that lifted her spirits at the funeral was Lindsay Fox recalling a conversation with Valdo. He told Vlado the coffee was really not good. Vlado nodded. “Do you come here for the steak or the coffee?” he asked. The steak ambien, of course. Vlado nodded again. So for great coffee, go elsewhere.

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