This week I have been making lokshen

They are egg noodles (the word is Yiddish), made exactly like pasta all’uovo, mixing eggs and flour, with a tiny amount of salt, to make a dough. The dough is rested, then rolled out into thin sheets and allowed to dry a bit. When they have started to dry, but are not brittle, the sheets are rolled up and cut into shreds. These are noodles for soup, and I found that they are best made with plain flour. Last week, I used a proportion of Italian 00 flour, and found the dough was much springier, much more suited to a pasta machine (which I do not have). Last week, I used 6 eggs to 500g flour and made just enough noodles for soup for 36 people over two nights. Just enough means there were no second helpings!  This week, I used 3 eggs and about 300g flour, and that’s noodles for about 12 people (or 10 with seconds). Once cut, the noodles should dry thoroughly. I use an old linen tablecloth, as my mother did. She used to make lokshen almost every week, so the technique and the taste are part of my childhood.

POINT LEO ESTATE I have also been to Point Leo Estate, on the Mornington Peninsula, where the vines look on to Western Port Bay, the grounds are home to wonderful sculptures, and the restaurant is notable for many things. Ainslie Lubbock is the restaurant manager, the wine list is entirely Victorian (three cheers for that), and the food outstanding. So much of the produce is local, starting with the olive oil, which comes from Cape Schanck www.capeschanckestate.com.au, and I ate the most delicious carrot souffle.  I interviewed Ainslie for Travel Writers Radio 87.8 FM Melbourne. Listen here!


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